Innovation services

KCG (Knowdle Consortium Group)

Aspires to be a centre that galvanises interaction and the exchange of open knowledge between its member organisations.

To do so, it provides a flexible scenario for involvement based on the level of commitment its associates are prepared to adopt.

This means there are different levels of involvement, together with an extensive catalogue of activities for the promotion of open knowledge and the projects and companies connected with the association.

All members can interact with the Association via the Internet, providing access to privileges such as:

  • Description/URL on the website: detailing the name of the person or company, with a web address for contact purposes.
  • Blogs: depending on the type of association, members can access blogs or even publish their own.
  • Scientific publications: the web offers the possibility to access a library of publications or to even publish articles.
  • Online conversations: every month an online conversation is organised with an important guest from our sector.
  • Newsletter: with specific contents on the development of lines of research and projects.
  • Marketplace: for technological resources and services.[/list]
Apart from this online presence, the Association organises networking events in which all of the members can take part at different levels. The most basic level allows members to attend events, and depending on the level of commitment, it will be possible for members to give sessions at these events, or even become their sponsors. Some of the events proposed by KCG are:

  • Snacks&Kapps: An informal event is organised every two months with members to exchange ideas, concerns, and to develop a sense of belonging.
  • Master Class: organised every quarter with an important guest speaking of scientific issues connected with our sphere of operation.
  • Yearly meeting:  an event designed to highlight the reputation and prestige of the AEI, as well as to develop a sense of belonging amongst its members.
  • National Open Knowledge Workshops / National Open Knowledge Meetings:  one-day workshops held in different Spanish cities based on the interest of the AEI. The meetings would be specific, travelling events that would last half a day.
  • International Open Knowledge Symposium: : a meeting aimed at promoting the AEI at international level.
The driving force behind the association’s activity, apart from the workshops, promotional events and networking between members. The laboratories are responsible for applying the solutions produced through open knowledge to the needs of the member bodies.
The laboratories currently working within the KCG are the following:

  • Biometric Research Lab
  • Collective Inteligence Research Lab
  • “Ecognomic” & Social – Ethitech Research Lab
  • Intelligent Assisted Ambients Research Lab
The lines of work developed by the different laboratories represent the specific development of their lines of exploitation. The KCG manages their development, interaction and funding requirements.
The projects currently underway within the KCG are the following: